Club Management

The pool is operated under the guidance of a governing Board. All members are encouraged to participate on the Board or on special projects. The RVA ByLaws an be viewed here. Monthly Board meeting minutes and annual financial statements are available for review by members, and are posted in the Document Center.

The 2016 Board of Directors is:

Board of Directors

Position Name Term Email
President Sean Knowles
Vice President, Pool Joe Santoli
Vice President, Tennis Jeremy Nye
Vice President, Grounds Wayne Jenkins
Treasurer Mark Phillips
Secretary Heather Alvarez
Social Chair Khadijah Tilgner
Swim Team Manager Jennifer Entrekin
Webmaster, Trustee Kevin Sheehan
Communications Jo Hodges
Trustee Michelle Chastain
Trustee Andrew Kronitz
Trustee Bill Peck
Trustee Justin Sanford
Trustee Suzanne Williams
Trustee Stacey Cimowsky
Trustee Juliane McCaleb

Swim Team Committee

Position Name Term Email
Swim Team Manager Jennifer Entrekin

Pool Committee

Position Name Term Email
Pool Operator Nina Vestal


Position Name Term Email
Association Administrator Tracy Noble