Junior Coach Application 2021

Junior Coach Requirements
  • Junior Coaches are expected to be active swimmers on the Roxboro Sharks swim team.
  • Junior Coaches must hold a current lifeguard certification by the date swim practices begin. (Certification is available only to those who are age 15 and older.)
  • Junior Coaches must be available to work for the bulk of the swim season.
  • It is encouraged that Junior Coaches have been or are swimmers on their high school swim team.

Application Process

All (new and returning) applicants should submit an e-mail to the Swim Team Manager as early January 1, no later than January 31, 2021. The letter should outline:

  • How the applicant would contribute to the Roxboro Coaching staff. 
    • Feel free to include information about other jobs you have held or activities that you are involved in.
  • Any dates that the applicant is unable to work during the months of May and June.
  • The best contact information available for the applicant. Please include:
    • Applicant’s e-mail address;
    • Applicant’s home and cell phone number; and,
    • Applicant’s parents’ cell phone numbers.

Should an applicant be selected as a Junior Coach, the foregoing contact information will be posted on the website to allow parents to contact Junior Coaches about private lessons.

The Head Coach and Swim Team manager will conduct interviews for all Junior Coach applicants.