Pool Information

The pool is generally open from Memorial Day through Labor Day and on weekends beginning the end of April and continuing until after Labor Day as weather permits. Lifeguards are on duty at all times.

May 3 – 24
Fridays:  4:30PM - 9PM
Saturdays   10AM - 9PM
Sunday: 12PM - 7PM
May 25 - June 30
Mon-Thurs:  11AM - 9PM
Fridays:  11AM - 10PM
Sat/Sun:  10AM - 9PM
July 1 - August 11
Mon-Thurs:  10AM - 9PM
Fridays:  10AM - 10PM
Sat/Sun:  10AM - 9PM

Watch for Pop Up days as weather and staffing allows!

We want to ensure the safety of all members while at the pool. While on their way to the pool, some of the kids have had near misses with cars pulling in and out of the parking lot. Parents should accompany their kids down the hill and to the pool gates. Drivers should also be cautious in watching for pedestrians. Children that have not passed the swim test are not allowed in the pool gates without parental supervision.  Please click here for the Pool Rules

Guest Policy/Fee
A member may invite guests to the facility up to two times per month (to prevent overcrowding). Payment of $5.00 per guest per day is due at the gate or at the concession stand upon arrival at the pool.

Children 3 and Under
Approved swim diapers are required for all children 3 and under (and for those with unreliable toilet habits). The approved diaper must be made of impermeable fabric designed specifically for use as a swim diaper. If there are any fecal accidents, the pool must be closed for 24 hours for cleaning. The use of disposable swim diapers e.g., Little Swimmers, alone are not approved. The Association routinely stocks approved swim diapers in the concession stand but does not guarantee availability.

Wireless Access
RVA is a wireless hotspot so bring your laptop because surf's up all summer long!

Adult Swim
Adult swim is held every hour at 10 minutes of the hour. This allows lifeguards to take a break and do required maintenance. During adult swim, no children are allowed in the adult pool unless a parent or guardian constantly holds the child/children.

Children’s Use of Facilities
Children under 12 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times while at the pool. When lifeguards are on duty children ages 9 to 11 may use the facilities without adult accompaniment provided they have passed the RVA swim test. Click on the link or navigate to the "Swim Test" page for test specifics.

Lost & Found
Most Lost and Found items are placed in the cabinet at the front gate. Items are kept for about two weeks then donated. Expensive found items are kept in a secure location. Contact the Pool Manager at PoolManager@roxborovalley.com to inquire about any expensive lost items. Orphaned towels are hung on a rack attached to the iron fence just behind the first bench on the playground. Towels are kept for about a week then donated.

Swim and Dive Team
For families, the RVA swim team and dive team are an exciting attraction. In years past, the Sharks have performed well in their division. Member children ages 5 through 18 are welcome on the swim team. Please note that your family must be active RVA members for your children to participate on either the swim or dive team.