Pool Information

Roxboro Valley Association has adopted a plan to open our pool safely while meeting state and local guidelines. A committee, chaired by Nina Vestal, has developed the plan below for the initial opening of our pool respecting social distancing and health guidelines. This is a fluid plan and will be adjusted based on current events and how well we can manage the flow of members at the pool.

Until further notice, admittance to the pool will be by reservation according to the guidelines listed below. An email with links to sign up for time slots will go out each Sunday for the upcoming week. Unused slots will be made available each morning. Links to the sign up are on the home page.

  • Members only will be allowed to visit Roxboro Pool during the COVID 19 restrictions.

  • Gates will be open for easy entry without using the key pad to maintain limited surface contact.
  • Admittance will be restricted to 8 family units at a time. A family is defined as parents or a nanny that will be responsible for the children of that family. Nannies must be at least 18 years old. A family may include a maximum of two additional member children with their group but only the adults from one family. One family, one reservation.

  • Reservation start up will begin each Sunday for the upcoming week.

  • By limiting the number of reservations to 8 families, we are allowed the flexibility,in the case of inclement weather, to be able to offer vouchers for a few additional slots on future dates.

  • Reservations will be for time slots of two hours. Swimming will be during the first 90 minutes then sanitizing and exiting the pool area during the remaining 30 minutes.

  • As usual, folks will be expected to clean up their area when it is time to leave. Garbage cans and recycle bins will be left with tops in an open position to limit surface contact.

  • Families may sign up for a maximum of 2 sessions per week. Families are required to vary the time of day that they attend the pool.

  • Parents should assure that their children are in good health. Staff reserve the right to take members' temperatures as they enter the facility.

  • It is recommended that swimmers shower off at the pool side shower before entering the pool.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the guard station and at a table by the pool side shower.

  • To insure proper sanitization of the pool, a chlorine reading will be taken between reservation groups.

  • While it is not expected that members wear masks they are poolside or in the water, it is recommended that mask be worn on arrival when members may be checking in with lifeguards and when visiting the restrooms.

  • Social distancing in the water must be respected. Children standing in line for the diving boards must be six feet apart as designated by X marks on the ground.

  • Minors under the age of 15 must have a responsible adult in attendance and be part of a family unit.

  • Furniture on the pool deck will be minimized to accommodate social distancing for each family unit. Disinfectant spray will be available on each table. Members are encouraged to sanitize their table and chairs before using. Disinfectant spray on the tables will be shared with the chaises.

  • There will be enough tables for one for each family unit.There will be more tables than groups to give folks some flexibility with the moving sun and the ability to borrow chairs for groups larger than four. An array of chaise lounges will be strategically placed around the deck for sunbathers, respecting social distancing. During this crisis, some families have joined together and consider each other in their safe circle. There is no problem with these folks sitting together pool side, but there must be a separate reservation for adults from each family.

  • Some areas may be blocked off to minimize contact surfaces. There will be no microwave. The pavilion will be roped off and not be available at this time.

  • Parents should monitor their minor children on bathroom visits. Traffic to and from the bathrooms should run clockwise around the pavilion.Travel to the bathroom to the left, down the big steps and return to the pool by exiting the restrooms and traveling to the right around the back of the pavilion. Only one family unit is allowed in the bathroom at a time. Family units should wait on the marks outside the bathroom.
Of course all of the other rules, like no running, horseplay, talking back to the lifeguards...etc..go without saying.
Member families that do not show and do not cancel a reserved spot for two reserved sessions will lose the ability to make reservations.
This strategy will be constantly monitored to look for improvements and may be updated on a weekly basis.